home depot freebies

Big box stores throw a lot away. What they don’t tell you is that some of the stuff they throw away is pretty useful, and sometimes they’ll give it away for free.

A while back I decided to try container gardening. We live in a high rise and don’t have a patio. There’s no community garden in the area. What we do have is a super sunny apartment. This weekend we went to home depot to buy some soil and plant pots.

tomato plant in pot

Our happy tomato plant in our free home depot pots!

At Home Depot I noticed some huge stacks of empty black 12″ pots by the register. I asked how much they were, and lo and behold, the answer was FREE!  The pots were used for trees, and the trees had sold. Home depot was just going to throw out the containers. Next time I need pots I’m definitely going to ask around my local home and garden stores.

So now it’s home to carrots, a tomato plant, and our rubber tree. Hopefully in a few months we’ll have some tasty, organic things to eat, no expensive grocery store required.

Anyone know of any other stores that give away leftovers for free?


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