The coffee table garden grows! (sort of)

After a week we actually have things growing on our coffee table!

I planted lettuce, onions, and carrots from Burpee seeds — all have sprouted! The sage seeds that I picked up as a giveaway at last year’s American Library Association meeting are a bust. We’ll see if a new batch grows.

Our local family-owned(!) garden store “Pablo’s” (and Pablo himself sold me the plants!) set me up with rosemary, tomato, and pepper plants. The tomato and pepper plants were producing fruit when I bought them. So far they’re getting bigger!

However, there’s just one little problem: I can’t seem to get anything to grow in the orange juice containers. Anyone have any thoughts why?

Maybe I don’t want the husband to drink any more oranje juice. The lettuce in the raisin containers is doing fine. I’ll get him to eat more raisins.

Anyone have any suggestions for other good containers to use? One caveat: the husband is allergic to milk, so no milk containers.


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  1. Nice work! Glad you’ve jumped on the blogging bandwagon.


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