using every last little bit is a little bitter

But in this case bitter is good! We don’t have a compost pile here in our high rise so all of the food scraps end up in the garbage disposal or the trash. But there’s a very tasty way to cut down a little on the food waste. Did you realize that most citrus fruit peel is edible AND it makes great candy? Here’s how I made candied lemon and grapefruit rind.

1. After you’ve used the citrus fruit of your choice, pull out the translucent sectiony bits. You should be left with just the peel (including the white part. Leave that in, it’s important!)

2. Slice the peel into strips. They can be big or small, but they will expand A LOT in the next few steps. I like to cut mine about 1/4″ thick or thinner.

3. Put the cut peel in a saucepan and cover with water. Add sugar until the liquid is the consistency of syrup.

4. Boil the mixture uncovered, stirring occasionally, until the white part of the rind is translucent. The longer you cook the peels, the less bitter they will be.

5. Spread sugar about 1/2″ thick on a small baking sheet or in a corningware.

6. Pull the peels out of the mixture with a fork or tongs. Drop the peels onto the sugar. Try to keep the peels separate.

7. Cover the peels lightly with sugar.

8. Wait an hour or so. Remove the peels with a fork, shake off the excess sugar, and place them on a dry plate or baking sheet. Allow them to dry in open air overnight, ideally in the fridge. 

9. Eat! (or feed your coworkers). The excess sugar from the pan and the cookie sheets I save in small tupperwares in the fridge. You can use it in tea since it adds a light citrus taste.

Grapefruit peel will be a little bitter no matter how long you cook it. Lemon and orange come out sweet and a little like those passover candy slices, but better!


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