black-thumb yuppie garden

I’d heard about Aerogardens a while ago (probably from a TV infomercial). My concrete-bunker-office is not being hospitable to growing anything edible (the basil is already dead, sigh) so this seemed like an interesting idea. And being a yuppie, I just had to try it.

Not much for week one, but there are little sprouts in two of the cups. Too small to see though.

It’s really hydroponic gardening not aeroponic gardening. They say that anyone can grow anything anywhere with one of these.  You just fill the base with water, stick the little plant cups it comes with in the holes, turn the light on and watch it grow.

At the very least it seems to be good entertainment for my coworkers. The violets are enjoying mooching off of the 17 hour light cycle.  I have my doubts that this is an ‘eco-friendly’ product since it’s plugged in and running all the time  though. And gah, I swore I wouldn’t buy more stuff so I hope it’s worth it!


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