catastrophe strikes

I had to kill all of the plants and remove all of the soil from the apartment.

About two weeks ago we started to notice a few little things flying around our plants. Gnats. We got a crop of gnats last year after we brought home  our first few batches of produce from our CSA. I went out and bought sticky stakes (fly paper) to try to deal with the bug problem before it got worse.

Well, 60 sticky stakes, two spray bottles of soapy water and ten homemade gnat traps later, the problem was worse than ever. The bugs loved everything that had home depot soil but were ignoring all of the plants we brought with us when we moved up from Texas and Tennessee. I did some internet research and figured out that our last batch of home depot soil was probably infested with bug eggs.

On the plus side, we did harvest one two-inch pepper, enough lettuce for a salad, and one really tasty tomato.

The gnats aren’t gone yet but when they are we’ll start again, smaller this time.

Time to start again. In the meantime, look for more recipes for seasonal produce — starring the bounty from our CSA!


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