CPR for a container garden

We have a few survivors from the recent container garden catastophe. Two basil plants and one houseplant we temporarily rooted in water:

basil and dracena rooted in water

Today I was brave (or stupid) and replanted the basil. Mere stalks and a few tiny leaves are left since we turned the larger leaves into margherita pizza and herb bread (recipes coming soon!) I used soil from the few remaining houseplants that the bugs were mostly ignoring.

Our flying friends (ha!) are still with us so I took the added precaution of bagging up the pot and drip tray. If this works, I’ll do the same with my little dracena houseplant.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


One response to this post.

  1. What a bummer! I told Eric about your tragedy and he suggested in the future you bake your soil in the oven to sterilize it. You’ll want to add some good organic fertilizer then to supplement all the good microbes you destroyed. I know Josh told me you end up bringing in some outside bugs from your CSA shares, but maybe it’ll help to have a healthy start… Good luck!


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