Reduce, reuse, reorganize: spice packets

If you’re like me, you open your kitchen cabinets when you go to make tacos and spend five minutes hunting for the long-lost spice packet. No more! An easy fix is sitting in your desk drawer, or even your kitchen cabinet. Just grab one of these

Or one of these

20110718-100150.jpg (empty of course!) and you have instant storage for your spice packets.



2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve given up on packets.

    I usually quadruple the recipe. Brown 3+ lbs meat with onion and pepper, drain. Mix in spice mixture with some cornstarch and water.

    Of course, the middle picture lends itself more to:

    I omit the chipotle, sub a can of diced tomatoes (liquid included) for the sauce, and add an extra unit of everything other than the meat, onion, and garlic (so for 2 lbs meat, 3 cans sauce; for 4 lbs meat, 5 cans, etc.). I often use broth instead of the water; red wine would probably also be good.


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