the one where the coffee table garden is devoured by ziplocs

The coffee table garden lives again! (and old ziploc bags make great mini-greenhouses).

I replanted a few weeks ago in spite of still seeing a few fruit flies. As it turns out, my organic fertilizer was the problem, not the soil.

I started the seedlings in half of a used egg carton. This is a great way to reuse plastic or styrafoam egg cartons but clean them first to avoid salmonella, and don’t use the paper ones, which will rot. Trust me.

egg carton plant starter


I started a few others in regular pots too. Then I covered all of these with ziplocs to make mini-greenhouses and keep the couple remaining flies out. Glass bakeware also works surprisingly well (and it gets that huge glass bowl out of our cabinet, yay!)

my coffee table has been attacked by ziplocs


So far the results are great and the greenhouse effect (okay, the good kind) means that I don’t have to water them very often. It also will help keep the plants slightly warmer if you keep them near the window and extend your indoor growing season. That’s the idea at least.

Lettuce fared really well last time so I’ve started  few lettuces each week for the last month. Some progress:


lettuce that almost looks like actual lettuce!

chives and lettuce hide under my pyrex bowl


this was the first basil I planted in round two. it's happy to be back!

Chives, basil, lettuce, and beets make up what will hopefully be the fall harvest.


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