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Gardening in mid-air

Well, 10 stories up, that is.

Before the first freeze I wanted to give you a tour of my container garden and show you what can be done with just a little space, some soil, buckets, and seeds.


I even harvested carrots today!

I got Burpee’s “Short and Sweet” seed variety. They say to grow them in deep soil, but 5″ was enough to produce these beauties, almost 3″ long!


Reduce, reuse, reorganize: spice packets

If you’re like me, you open your kitchen cabinets when you go to make tacos and spend five minutes hunting for the long-lost spice packet. No more! An easy fix is sitting in your desk drawer, or even your kitchen cabinet. Just grab one of these

Or one of these

20110718-100150.jpg (empty of course!) and you have instant storage for your spice packets.


when you own so much stuff that you get injured

Unfortunately my first post about downsizing and small-space living was prompted by a small kitchen accident this week (certainly an effective way to convince me to get rid of stuff, but not exactly something I’d recommend…)

The basic problem: the husband and I both love to cook. The husband and I each owned the full complement of kitchenwares BEFORE we moved in together. Not only didn’t we get rid of anything at that point, it only got worse after the wedding registry yielded its fruit (I still have no idea what I was thinking when I registered for 14 place settings of china and crystal when we already own two sets of dishes.)

So the baking dishes piled up, and up, and up. And finally, when the mountain of glassware and baking sheets on the top of the fridge was too much, a 9×13 glass baking dish came crashing down. On my bare foot.

Somehow there were no broken bones, no cuts, not even a scratch (how did I manage that?!) But it finally made me realize that something had to be done about the kitchen.

The little accident did manage to eliminate one dish that we had a duplicate (or several) of, but I still have a lot of bakeware that I don’t want to get rid of. I also have three (three?) old-fashioned drying racks that I’ve given up in favor of a drying towel. Put these together and voila! Instant bakeware organizer.

bakeware organizer

It’s not ideal because some of the deeper pans and muffin pans don’t fit neatly into the slots. But at least it’s not a pile anymore. This also might be a great solution for pan lids.

Now, to figure out what to do with the other drying racks.