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Aerogarden update: the grow anything kit does work!

I’ve become a fan of mint tea recently. What I’m not a fan of is the high price and large amount of packaging on the fresh organic mint at the grocery store. I don’t like the packaging that comes with mint tea bags either.

I gave up on the kit that came with my aerogarden and decided that I wanted to grow some mint. I bought some mint seeds online and the aerogarden grow anything kit. The kit was horribly expensive but in the end I think it’ll save me some money. It’s been about a month in my cube at work now and look how much it’s grown!


Did you know that you can put small plants next to the aerogarden to give them extra light? A small plant can grow from seed with just the ambient light from the aerogarden. This basil plant has grown tall and strong and I grew it from seeds with just the aerogarden light. No real sunlight.

Very pretty. And tasty I’m sure!