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1 month decluttering challenge

I’m in the middle of reading Unclutter Your Life in One Week” while I wait to replant my garden (the basil stalks were replanted and are alive. Barely.) I’m slowly realizing that parting with some of my beloved mementos (*cough* junk *cough)  is the only way we’ll ever be able to fit into a 900 square foot home.

I’m giving myself (and you!) a challenge based on the book’s idea to starting small: Get rid of one thing you don’t need in your home each day for a month.

For some added incentive, tally up the amount of money you spent on those useless objects to see how much you could’ve saved. I also have to give myself the challenge to find a responsible way to dispose of the objects! Small goals can really make a dent in your clutter!

Here’s this week’s tally:

Saturday: A pair of cute dress shoes, $25.  I bought these because I saw Taylor Swift with a similar pair. Little did I know, they had so little support that I’d end up with enough foot problems to need $100 orthotics and a cast for a broken bone in my foot (probably the fault of my ballroom dancing lessons, actually).  Its fate:  clothes donation box in our building.

Sunday: A basket from one of last year’s Christmas presents, free. Used to be one of three large containers I used to hold pens and pencils. Prompted me to get rid of my old dead pens. Its fate: the “free stuff” table in our building.

Monday: About 20 dead pens, free. Most of these were trade show swag. Beware trade show swag. It gets into your home, makes you want to buy things for your organization, and promptly dies. Their fate: trash can. A few caps got recycled.

Tuesday: A visor from college, $12. Useful for hot days, but I own a few baseball caps already. And it reminds me of the jerk I dated in college. I dropped it in the clothes box too. Its fate: the clothes donation box.

Wednesday: A plastic water bottle, $4.  I cheated on this one. I saw a homeless guy who looked super overheated outside the hospital this week and gave him my bike bottle. I’ve been trying to get rid of my huge stash of plastic sport bottles (10+…how did that happen?) that my neighbor insists will poison me with dioxin and other fun chemicals (in all fairness, he is a doctor). Only problem…I went out to Starbucks the next day and bought a glass water bottle (50% recycled!). Sigh.

Thursday: The ice cream cookbook that came with my ice cream maker, free. I switched from keeping paper recipes to using Tastebook ( to store my recipes. I have this one memorized anyways.

Friday: A pair of jeans that I’ll never fit into, $20. Sad part is I barely fit in them when I bought them. Their fate: the clothes donation box.

Total amount of money wasted: $61. Holy piles of pricey junk, Batman! And my net loss is only 6 objects since I bought a water bottle. Maybe I’ll feel less demoralized at the end of next week.