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DIY eco-friendly Kindle case

A while ago our library started to charge a fortune to borrow books from outside their system. Then, I ran out of bookshelf space. Then I ran out of space for a new bookcase. Then I bought a  used kindle from a friend. Refurbished kindles are available for under $100.

What I didn’t buy was a cover for the kindle. That’s because it’s pretty easy to make your own e-reader case!  Here’s how:

1. Cut out two pieces of cardboard that are just barely larger than your kindle.

2. Use duct tape to make the “spine.” Tape the two pieces together, leaving about 3/4″ between the two pieces of cardboard. Use the duct tape on both sides of the cardboard.

I used cardboard from an office paper box, but an old ring binder cover works great too.

3. Cut two pieces of fabric the size of your kindle, with a half inch seam allowance on each side.

4. Now, make a kindle pillow! Put the good sides of the fabric together and sew three of the four sides.

You can insert the cardboard while you sew to get a perfect fit. A binder clip holds the cardboard while I sew (in very crooked lines)

three sides done

5. Turn the pillow inside out and insert the duct-taped cardboard.

6. Fold in the edges of the open side and sew them closed.

7. Position your kindle on the case. Use chalk or a pencil to mark where the corners will be.

8. Cut four pieces of elastic, approximately 2.5″ long.

9. Now here’s the tough part. Fold the elastic pieces into triangles and position them flat on the case. They need to be flat so that the elastic can hold the kindle in the case tightly. Using a very, very strong glue, glue the elastic to the cardboard. Don’t worry, no one will see this part behind the kindle! Don’t use too much glue or it might bleed through to the back. Let the glue dry thoroughly.

10. Sew a button onto the front cover.

I used an a button maker kit I bought in middle school to make a matching button.

11. Make a loop from an old ribbon and sew it inside the back cover.

a little glue can help it stay attached.

12. Insert kindle and read!

ahhhh, FDR's Fireside Chats.