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(mostly) unkillable office plants

I finally asked myself why it was I didn’t have any plants at work, and all I could come up with  was “nobody else does.” Pretty silly reason! “I work in a windowless bunker” comes in as a close second. Turns out this is also a pretty silly reason. So I finally went out and got some of the plants that have done the best for me in the past. You too can get plants to grow in a vampire’s basement!

I prefer colorful plants (it’s bad enough that my cube is one color, so I feel a desperate need for my office plants to be more than just green!) My pink peace lily is the star right now. You can also get them in white, usually at your local grocery store. They need no direct sunlight and even seem okay with just flourescent (score!) and need a bit of water every few days. They can even handle a short vacation if you’re desperate. pink peace lily

The truly unkillable plant is the philadendron, also known as pothos. My coworker is the loving mommy to this plant, which, er, has survived the departure of more than one of its previous owners. The ultimate in unkillable plants. You have to ignore this one for weeks to kill it and even then it can sometimes be revived. Definitely a good place to start.

Spider plants are also a great starter plant for a cube. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get my paws on any of those lately.

They newbies are my african violets. These prefer indirect sunlight, but mine seem to survive under the warm glow of my desk’s flourescents. I haven’t had these in a flourescent-only environment before so I have no idea how they’ll fare.


Herbs are also something new I’m trying. My awesome coworker is letting me borrow a corner of her slightly brighter desk as a home for this tiny little basil plant. It lives…at the moment.


We’ll see if it grows! Anyone know of anything else (preferably colorful) which grows in a dark environment?