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Greening Our Travel: Overnight on Amtrak

It’s time to confess. I used to have A-list status on Southwest Airlines. Yes, folks, that means I took more than 32, count ’em, THIRTY TWO flights in a year on that airline alone (and I didn’t always fly Southwest).

Air travel produces ridiculous amounts of CO2 and you get to your destination exhausted, hungry, embarrassed by TSA, and far poorer financially than when you started. What’s the solution? Take the train!

My husband hadn’t seen his brother in Chicago in a year so we decided to take Amtrak overnight from Washington D.C. to Chicago. We booked a roomette–a small sleeper cabin on their overnight trains. Round trip cost the same amount as flying. Who’d have guessed?

So next time you think about getting on a plane, think about how much more green (and pleasant) the alternative is!

Plenty of space during the day. Bring your books or an ipod. Lousy cell signals in West Virginia!

Roomette set up for sleeping. Nice and cozy! (hint…get the bigger room if you want to share the bed with your spouse without injuring each other.)

fold-out checkerboard w/ good and plenty pieces

The cabins come with fold-out tables that double as checker/chess boards. Bring your own pieces at your own risk. Good and Plentys worked fine until we rounded our first corner.

Lounge car by night

Lounge car by night.

Dinner in the diner, nothing could be finer, then you’ll have your ham and eggs in Carolina

Oh, and did I mention that the food is included with your ticket?

Josh's dinner.

Real. Food. ‘Nuff said.

Stream in West Virginia.

We woke up to this fine fall view.

One of the larger rooms.

One of the larger rooms, big enough for three. Comes with its own bathroom!

And now…videos!

Tour of our sleeper car:

The roomette set-up for nighttime: