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New condo, new garden!

My super-long absence at least happened for a good reason: we bought a condo in February! We’ve gained a lot in going from renting to owning. Unfortunately one of those things we’ve gained is a large mortgage payment each month. But there a lot of good things!

1. An extra bedroom and bathroom! This brings us up to 1200 square feet. I was hoping to end up with less square footage, but we figure we’ll need the extra space when we have kids.

2. Lots of extra closet space. Now all of our junk fits well in our living space, even when we still own too much of certain things. Now we just have to fight the urge to fill up the closets.

3. A storage unit. It has a gigantic concrete pillar in the middle of it which should help us avoid filling it with lots of junk we don’t need.

4. A big patio! Southeastern exposure seems to be doing well for our plants. And I have a lot of those!


We’ve started lettuce, tomatoes, and spring onions.



Our lettuce is doing so much better than last year. Ready for the salad bowl!