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Simple strawberries

A deceptively easy “grow your own food” plant I’ve found is the alpine strawberry. Slightly smaller than regular strawberries, they grow really well in containers, indoor or out. The strawberries are small and have a bright taste with a subtle grape flavor. It’s like two fruits in one!

I have three plants in each 18″-long window-box style container.



They get watered daily since apparently they like to stay cool. They can get a little dry but not so dry that they wilt. Mine get full, hot sun and so far they’re doing okay. I also have two indoors in a bright window. They’re not doing quite as well though so indoors may not be the ideal place.

Okay, so how did I grow these awesome looking berries? I have to admit I think my secret is a little bottle of green liquid. My sister-in-law’s boyfriend said that the berry plants and tomoatoes will flower best if you use a fertilizer that has a good amount of phosphorus in it. Apparently you can figure out if your fertilizer has good phosphorus levels by looking at the numbers on the label. If the middle one is highest, then it should have enough phosphorus to encourage good flowering. I use Schultz’s all purpose plant food with a 10-15-10 Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium ratio. More phosphorus (to a point) = more flowers. More flowers = more berries. I may not like math much, but that’s some nice arithmetic there.

First harvest! Small but tasty. Glad the hubs is away with family–more berries for me!

Have you had any luck with strawberries?